About Us

Faxing can be tedious and dated. We’ve simplified the process by utilizing email to transmit and deliver your electronic faxes. Easily connect and use your personal or business email to send and receive faxes. No more paper, fax machines, or headaches.

At Faxpipe, we offer a wide variety of services to fulfill your faxing needs. Primarily, we provide standard electronic inbound and outbound faxing services and technical support. Faxes are HIPAA compliant and are secured throughout the delivery.

We can also customize delivery systems, cover sheets, and call backs to match your size and needs.

Base Plans

- 25 -Monthly Pages


  • Paid Annually ($47.40/year)
  • Overages $0.15 per page
- 75 -Monthly Pages


  • Paid Annually ($83.40/year)
  • Overages $0.15 / page
- 200 -Monthly Pages


  • Paid Monthly
  • Overages $0.15 / page
- 300 -Monthly Pages


  • Paid Monthly
  • Overages $0.10 / page