Electronic Fax

Fax machines are becoming a thing of the past. With Electronic faxing introduced in the early 1990's it has proven to be a cheaper, faster and a more convenient solution to an outdated fax machine. Having a electronic fax account is worth the added convenience alone. You never have to waste time standing by an old fax machine again. Instead the faxes come right to your email in box.

Electronic Fax

Integrate Electronic Fax

At FaxPipe we work with your existing email account. This means we don't make you download or learn any new software. Your electronic faxes come in to your in box as easily readable .tiff or .pdf attachments.

Using electronic faxes instead of a faxing with a fax machine will save you and your business time and money by cutting down on the use of expensive ink cartridges and paper. We all know that ink is not cheap and to waste it on faxes that are sometimes not even needed is a huge waste of resources.

Help manage your electronic documents

Electronic Faxing will help you manage and organize your faxes as well. Having fax to email and email to fax will help you to never have to locate what file or filing cabinet your faxes were put in. You can save copies of all of your faxes on your computer or even copy them onto a cd.

FaxPipe has over 15 years of experience in dealing with Electronic Faxes and in keeping our customers happy.

If you would like to see how easy and convenient electron faxing can be please
try it free.

"We love our relationship with FaxPipe. The savings in time and money have been significant for our company, and their service is impeccable. FaxPipe has been a Godsend!"

-Matt Smith



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