Benefits of faxing by internet

Why Fax With FaxPipe?

FaxPipe is a full-service telecommunication company that specializes in using fax broadcasting technology to enhance the service levels of the clients we serve. FaxPipe is dedicated to making faxing for your company easier and cheaper.

With FaxPipe you no longer need to use a fax machine. This eliminates one more thing to worry about. We already check our emails everyday and with FaxPipe there is no need to check anything else. You can send and receive faxes the same way you send an email. With our services you no longer have to tolerate the headaches associated with purchasing and maintaining a fax machine including expensive ink, toner, and paper.

We take great care of our customers, we are here to serve you. We take pride in offering the best customer service in the business. We are devoted to customer satisfaction, our goal is to work harder for you.

We are fax broadcasting experts. Let us manage your fax broadcasting headaches today!

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"We love our relationship with FaxPipe. The savings in time and money have been significant for our company, and their service is impeccable. FaxPipe has been a Godsend!"

-Matt Smith



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