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75 Pages Per Month - inbound or outbound

They are your pages, so use them as you prefer. Send and/or receive up to 75 fax pages each month for only $6.95. Any pages sent or received after the first 75 will simply cost ¢15 per page. Designed for the individual or small business that do very little faxing.*

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One Toll or Toll-Free Fax Number

FaxPipe will provide you with either a toll or toll-free fax number for fax sending and receiving. Upon account signup you will receive an email containing your new fax number. This is your new personal, unique fax number, so give it out and start getting your faxes via email.

Fax to Email Conversion

Any faxes sent to your new personal fax number will be converted into a .TIF or .PDF file and routed to your email inbox as an attachment. This automated process does not require any special hardware or software, just a working email account.

Email to Fax Conversion

Sending faxes using your email account is simple with FaxPipe. You send your documents to FaxPipe via email. FaxPipe takes your email and converts the attachments into a fax. We dial out and deliver the documents to the fax machine for you. Fax documents can even be sent to multiple fax machines with one simple email!

*If the transmission time of an inbound or outbound fax page exceeds 60 seconds you may be charged a multi-page rate.

"We love our relationship with FaxPipe. The savings in time and money have been significant for our company, and their service is impeccable. FaxPipe has been a Godsend!"

-Matt Smith


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