Fax Confirmation

Many times the reason for sending a fax is because it contains important information that is very time sensitive. Because we understand how frustrating it is to not have a confirmation that the fax was sent with FaxPipe we will provide you with the confirmation each time you send out a fax.

When you send out a fax we will send you two emails. The first email is a queued email letting you know that we received it and the second is the confirmation letting you know what the result of the fax was. The fax confirmation includes the number it was sent to, the time that it was sent at, how long it took and if there were any errors during the attempts. Below are examples of those emails.

Queued Rec Fax

If you need a specific kind of confirmation feel free to let us know and we will see what we can do to make sure you are recieving the type of fax confirmation that will work best for you.

"We love our relationship with FaxPipe. The savings in time and money have been significant for our company, and their service is impeccable. FaxPipe has been a Godsend!"

-Matt Smith



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